Friday, 8 June 2012

Peaking Lights - Beautiful Son

As an entry point to Wisconsin duo Peaking Lights’ LP Lucifer, Beautiful Son makes for an almost bewilderingly varied number. From floaty, disembodied vocals to twitchy electronics that recall the heydays of Orbital and 808 State, it’s a veritable tropical rainforest of musical touch-points. At its best, there’s even a sprinkling of Screamadelica-ish transcendentalism to it, a slow, gentle wash of blissful emotion and the bond between parent and child. Indeed, as far as spaced out, trippy love songs go, we reckon we’d be pretty chuffed if someone wrote something like this about us. Surprisingly touching, Beautiful Son manages to be both heartfelt and sonically explorative in the artiest of ways.

Lucifer is released on the 18th June.

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