Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jennifer Left - Black Dog

She’s the seaside girl putting a poetic lilt to whimsical, folky pop – but for Jennifer Left, her music feels like it’s jumping at the bit to strike up a campfire and regale all with its inherent charm. New single Black Dog is like a British Caro Emerald with a quaint little whistle-hook, a cutesy indie-pop bit of frippery that feels well suited to idyllic summer months. Left's music is fundamentally playful, but there’s moments of something more, tucked away in the smoky, flanged guitar licks in the bridges between verse and chorus. The track’s b-side Hushabye treads a similar path with more whistling and the vaguely haunting chime of guitar against a backdrop of halcyon strings. It’s a whispered bed-time story of sepia-toned days and Left’s sugary vocals lend it a surprisingly moving resonance.

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