Friday, 11 May 2012

The Winter Olympics - I Prefer The Early Stuff

I Prefer The Early Stuff is grass-roots Brit-rock at its most gutsy, the kind of spit and paste-board jumble of snarly guitar licks and chanty lad-aholic vocals that have been firing up the passions and ambitions of the disaffected youth for decades. Like a roughed up, punked up incarnation of the Kaiser Chiefs, The Winter Olympics push rock in the most honest, rollickingly rumbustious of ways - an XFM-styled band of and for the people. With the single revolving around girls and bands, it's boyishly self-referential, every indie-chap's dream slapped down in three and a half minutes of blistering bullishness. If anything, The Winter Olympics sure are determined. But in the cut and thrust of London's musical boiler-room, would you expect anything less?

Released: May 28th.

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