Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rebellious Jukebox – Killer On The Dancefloor

Pressing play on Killer On The Dancefloor – the new single from Brummie three-piece Rebellious Jukebox – is like slipping through a fault in time, falling backwards into the folds of gloomy Cure-esque atmospherics and a lapping, sea-like wash of throbbing bass and emphatic vocals. There’s a touch of the White Lies to the group too, but with an arty piquancy that hints at something potentially far darker. Killer On The Dancefloor makes for a formidable introduction to the group, albeit one that leaves the listener haunted by a soundscape that is as slippery as it is involving. One for greyly overcast days where somewhere out there in the mass of clouds, there’s a hint of something moving...
Released 25th June.

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