Sunday, 13 May 2012

Helen Boulding - The Innocents

We're very much liking this new single by Helen Boulding - she's sort of like Ellie Goulding meets The Pierces, and The Innocents makes for a solidly tuneful pop-rock number. All soaring and anthemic in the right places, it's an impressive front for Boulding's upcoming album Calling All Angels, set for a July release. It's the kind of radio-friendly morsel that so many female songstresses in Boulding's vein aim for, but never quite seem able to pull off with the right degree of songwriting maturity and tasteful production. Considering her experience in the industry (she co-wrote tracks for 911 and Alex Parks as well as providing backing vocals for Holly Valance), it seems only right that Boulding has crafted her own solo efforts into being with ease.

Released: June 25th.

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