Monday, 14 May 2012

The Given Motion - Human Dictionary

The Given Motion are a band clearly well aware of the importance of a great hook in amongst the midst of all the guitars, a voice to speak up out of the bleak city streets of their New York home turf. They’re a group with plainly-manifested youthful ambition, a work-man like appeal. What we’ve heard of them gives us a good impression of well-rehearsed, tuneful rock – with a real brooding back-current to it. Sing To Me feels agile and light, nicely underproduced, allowing the vocal harmonies to come to the fore, where they belong. Don’t Blink follows nicely along the same lines, but tipping things up into a sunnier kind of optimism. It’s, Human Dictionary, the title track of their extended seven track EP that stands out most though; a brawling stormer of a track whose sharp riffs recall a meatier incarnation of fellow New Yorkers, The Strokes. ‘She’s a bitch and I don’t think you’re ready for it,’ they warn the listener, but when it comes for The Given Motion’s music, we’re definitely ready.

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