Thursday, 24 May 2012

[Cover Art & Tracklisting] Cheryl Cole - A Million Lights

Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how bloody good the artwork for Cheryl’s new album is? (And yes, that is ‘Cheryl’ – singular – that whole ‘Cole’ business seems to have been dropped, at least as far as her musical output goes anyway.
That font – all futuristic and amazing, like something you’d see in Star Wars or something, all painted up in Neon and phosphorus. And then *the* hair, which pretty much dominates the cover – but I mean, when you’ve got an asset as lovely as Cheryl’s ‘You’re Worth It!’ locks, you’re going to flaunt it, aren’t you? And flaunt it she does. She’s making good use of her tattoo too – clearly not wanting to be trumped by ‘The Female Boss’ Tulisa, it’s fair to say Chezza’s getting her money’s worth out of her tattoo, giving it pride of place on the cover of her third album. And this whole hand business too – it’s like a special hand signal conjured up by a secret society. There’s been rumblings on Twitter recently that Cheryl has been dabbling with the Illuminati. It all sounds pretty fantastical to us, but I suppose it all adds to the Cheryl ‘mystique’.
The tracklisting of A Million Lights is as follows:
1.  Under The Sun
2.  Call My Name
3.  Craziest Things
4.  Girl In The Mirror
5.  A Million Lights
6.  Screw You
7.  Love Killer
8.  Ghetto Baby
9.  Sexy Den A Mutha
10. Mechanics of the Heart
11. All Is Fair

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