Monday, 16 April 2012

Taio Cruz Feat. Pitbull - There She Goes

As much as Taio Cruz's courting of American success has to be admired, it's sort of a shame to see how readily he's played into the uber-generic commercial dance-pop formula when he previously came out with far more considered, individualistic gems such as I Can Be and Moving On.

And the trouble with new Pitbull-featuring track There She Goes is that not only is it generic, but it isn't even that good. If we wanted a new Pitbull-athon, we'd go to the new J Lo track, which is infinitely better. And even Taio's previous chart workout Hangover at least came with a indelibly catchy chorus hook - even if the track wasn't to your tastes, odds were that it'd be lodged in your brain before the day was out.

But There She Goes is neither overly catchy or possessed of any real sign of quality, and with even Hangover stalling at 27 in the UK charts, we're inclined to ask whether it's time for Taio to make a return to his roots.

There She Goes is released on the 11th June.

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