Monday, 2 April 2012

The Sun Explodes - Honour Bound

At five and a half minutes long, Honour Bound is given more than ample freedom to explore a full capacity of rock virtuosity in a thrilling showcase that does well to present the many facets of tempestuous quintet The Sun Explodes. It's a track that strains at the concept of limits, knocking down feeble genre barriers with sledgehammer-like abandon. Insanely tight guitar-work presents itself in the form of needling solos that collapse away into crunching riffs, building up confident foundations for the song to push onward from. As a sort of lean, mean, streamlined version of Enter Shikari - the song even boasts an Eastern tinged trance blow-out that erupts out with all the ferocity befitting a band called The Sun Explodes. The group are heading out on tour across the UK in April, with their debut album Emergence following up on the 7th May.

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