Friday, 20 April 2012

Sneakbo feat. L. Marshall - Sing For Tomorrow

Teaming up with Wretch 32 collaborator L. Marshall for his latest effort, bright new London rap talent Sneakbo has been making some rather significant ripples of late. 20 million YouTube views? Easy. 5000 downloads of his most recent mix-tape? Sneakbo's got it covered. But it's in new track Sing For Tomorrow that he presents his case most honestly and successfully.

Opening with a haunting piano melody, underpinned by a surprisingly moving string section, it harks back to the street-tale wisdom of Tupac's Ghetto Gospel, combined with the bite and contemporary sheen of Tinie Tempah's Written In The Stars. Sing For Tomorrow is definitively a gritty South London rap track at heart, wearing its heart blazen on its sleeve - but its real charm is the way it works in a depth of sonic variety and hurt-ridden passion into the production and Marshall's chorus vocals. There's substance to it; emotion, pain, hopes, fears.

In a world of bleak urban wasteland and broken dreams, Sneakbo's track speaks out with a universal ambition - a willingness and power to build onwards and upwards to greater things, and going by initial support, it looks like a journey he'll make with accomplished ease.

Sing For Tomorrow is released on the 4th June.

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