Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shibuya Crossings – I’ll Meet You At The Station

Shibuya Crossings feel like a real song-writer’s band, the kind where the music is gripped in the realities of life and all its parts, whether they be good or bad. New single I’ll Meet You At The Station centres around a rather lovely sort of melancholy and sweet refrains of ‘hazy is the sky for you...’, as if the very world around them is seeping into their emotions. There’s a kind of love-lorn lyrical poetry to it that feels like it doesn’t have to strain or boast to persuade of the band’s purpose. And while most of the track feels composed, almost stately –the middle-eight ups the snarl a notch or two on the guitars, the grit and spit beating at the heart of the song. Apt, for a group whose name translates as ‘Bitter Valley’.
Released: May 14th.

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