Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scissor Sisters - Only The Horses

The flagging fortunes of Scissor Sisters' last album Night Work was a real lament of changing times and tastes in music - of one of the former stalwarts of radio airplay and sales figures being hung out to dry. It was a shame, because Fire With Fire is a masterpiece of songwriting while Invisible Light was a delightful piece of synth magic. But for all that it might have been a great album, it just didn't seem to connect with the public in the way the band once did. And much the same could be said for Azealia Banks collab Shady Love earlier this year. Again, a great track, but after all the initial hype, it seemed to fizzle away into nothingness come its actual release.

We have to hope Only The Horses will reverse affairs then, and on first impression, it does indeed sound like the kind of track with the potential to do so. With Calvin Harris on board for production duties, where the song excels is pushing the band simultaneously in a new, cooler direction, while canvassing all the glam-disco vibes that made their 2004 debut LP such a joy. With a Radio 1 premiere and the Calvin touch, there's the sense that Only The Horses is the distinct mainstream push the band really need to get them properly back on the public's radar, and it goes without saying that Only The Horses is quite the pop delicacy in itself - all icy and glacial, and as the Scissor Sisters always are, wonderfully flamboyant.

Only The Horses is released on the 14th May.

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