Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Saturdays line up 30 Days club remixes

The short and sweet of it is that we love The Saturdays and we love cool dance mixes - well, Steve Pitron & Max Sanna's take on new single 30 Days is both. Accenting a real darkness to the track, the mix glistens with electronic trills and twists the chorus out into a shimmering, shadowed thing of real enchanting beauty. Mid-way it then all erupts into a massive, hands aloft Balearic synth riff which is all kinds of amazing.

The full 30 Days club remix promo contains the following remixes:

1. Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Club Mix
2. Ruff Loaderz Club Mix
3. Atomic UK Garage Vocal Mix
4. Ruff Loaderz Dub
5. Atomic UK Garage Dark Dub
6. Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Radio Edit
7. Ruff Loaderz Radio Edit
8. Atomic UK Garage Radio Edit

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