Friday, 13 April 2012

[Official Video] Rebecca Ferguson - Glitter & Gold

Rebecca Ferguson's voice will never get old for us. Just like her album, it feels utterly timeless - and watching the video for new single Glitter & Gold, which in its gloss and luxury feels like such a well-rounded part of her continuing campaign, you only wish she was riding high up in the charts with the likes of fellow female crooner Emeli Sande. Yes, you can bandy around phrases like 'Oh, but Rebecca's an album artist...', but really, with tracks as good as Glitter & Gold, there's no reason why the nation shouldn't be taking these songs to heart and going out an downloading them in their droves.

There's a standard of songwriting across her Heaven album that sets a new high water-mark for X Factor acts, and Glitter & Gold stands as a real showpiece for that. And as for the video, which wouldn't look out of place as some high-grade M&S advert, well, it fits the silkiness and velour of *that* voice perfectly. Then there's the whole 'Oh, these people are paper cut-outs, they must be *literally* shallow people' thing going on. Frankly, we love it, and we love her too.

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