Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Northern Soul: 20 Original Classics Volume 2

Now here’s a compilation with real class. And not just that, consistency too. Because there’s one thing you can be sure of here, and that’s genuine, proper soul. From the Bond-esque brass and spy movie flamboyance of You Didn’t Say A Word to the gloriously upbeat Can’t Satisfy, these twenty Northern Soul classics come together to form an album of universally sublime vocals and wonderfully rich production.
In a world so attuned to the retro-revivalism of Mark Ronson productions and Aloe Blacc, it makes for a fascinating trip to journey back in time and hear the genuine article, the real fire beating at the heart of great soul music. The tracks here stand the test of time remarkably well, perfectly chilled enough to accompany the coming summer nights, but underscored by a series of irresistible grooves.
As a whole, this is a record that feels remarkably at ease with itself – far removed from the disparate jarring qualities that often mar ‘various artists’ compilations. Indeed, as a snapshot of a time and genre, this makes for as good an introduction as any, as well as a lovely reminder of undeniably great music for everyone already acquainted with these classic tracks.
Download: Terry Callier – I Don’t Want To See Myself / Dusty Springfield – What’s It Gonna Be / Yvonne Baker – You Didn’t Say A Word
Northern Soul: 20 Original Classics Volume 2 is out now and available to purchase on Amazon.

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