Thursday, 26 April 2012

Noisettes - Winner

It's been a while. Three years in fact. And during those three years, there were certainly moments when we came to thinking, So! What are the Noisettes going to do next?

Well, release an absolute pop gem of a track, that's what. Winner certainly feels like it's been worth the wait, an up-tempo, strutting stormer of a song that goes some way to recapturing that Don't Upset The Rhythm groove. It's the definition of radio friendly, and in its slipstream propelled swagger and energy, it also feels definitively current.

The Noisettes always felt like the kind of group that could adapt with ease, and Winner is adaptation down to a T; a chameleonic chic-styled dancefloor mover n' shaker that reins in the more outre elements of the group to ensure they surge back into the public consciousness with the best of ease. Dare we say it, Winner is even the sort of thing you could imagine Jessie J banging out, if she had the mind to.

Released: July 9th.

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