Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nina Nesbitt - The Apple Tree

Nina Nesbitt is only seventeen, but going by how insanely talented she clearly is, you wouldn't think it. Delightful new single The Apple Tree - the title track from her forthcoming EP - is the kind of perfectly proportioned pop melody some artists go their whole careers without nailing, yet Nesbitt makes it sound second nature. There's the sense, amidst the breeze and youthful flair of the track, that for Nesbitt, songwriting is akin to breathing - so natural and organic a process she could do it in her sleep.

There's a sort of pretty, whimsical airiness to Nesbitt's music that recalls Ellie Goulding or a younger KT Tunstall. It's classic home-spun singer-songwriter fare, but with a delicate touch of campfire folksiness to it, and must crucially, real pop sensibility at the heart of it. No wonder then that she caught the attention of Example and Ed Sheeran, both of whom she's supported live. The cute DIY feel of The Apple Tree video really fits the track too, and even features a little guest appearance from Ed - he's oviously keen, and so are we!

The Apple Tree is released on the 7th May.

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