Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Maverick Sabre - These Days

It could have been Open Your Eyes, it should have been Open Your Eyes. When we first listened to Maverick Sabre's excellent Lonely Are The Brave, that was the one track that really stood out above all the rest, an enchanting, haunting gem of a song that really transcended above all the others. Still, as far as furthering the nice little niche he's cut out for himself with previous singles, new effort These Days follows the Maverick mold rather nicely indeed.

On These Days it's all a bit of a Bill Withers meets Massive Attack type affair, beautiful hiss and crackle bringing out all the gorgeous retro beauty in those soaring string sections and the jangly stabs of guitar. It's when those gospel undertones surge to the fore though that These Days is at its best, and while it's by no means Sabre's finest moment, it's perfectly indicative of the velour of quality and consistency that runs right through his excellent debut LP.

These Days is set for a July release date.

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