Tuesday, 17 April 2012

[Lyric Video] Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack

We like lyric videos. When all your want to do is get your grubby paws on your favourite artist's latest song, fresh from its radio premiere, those lyric videos - so carefully uploaded by the record labels to go live just as the radio premiere finishes - are a little bit of magic in themselves. They offer just that little bit more, that little touch of flair that brings that connection a static image shot on a YouTube video can never do.

There's probably someone somewhere who spent days putting the whole thing together, and the result you're watching right now is their little baby. And the video for Rebecca Ferguson's smokily soulful new song Backtrack is the epitome of the lyric video, the jumbo-size supreme - a veritable blockbuster of a lyric video. With everything superimposed over real live-action shots, it's almost rather trippy, even! And in an age where the digital medium and online video content becomes ever more popular, give it a few more years and we'll probably be head-deep in stuff like this every minute of our online lives.

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