Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kasabian - Man of Simple Pleasures

How do we approach Kasabian's latest single Man of Simple Pleasures? Released at what must surely be the tail end of their album campaign, even from the very sound of the thing, there's a sense that this is a closing of a chapter, a quick swill of the remnants in the album's barrel to shake out those last few album sales and brush up a bit of familiarity for the song before the festival season kicks in.

Man of Simple Pleasures sees the band pursing those same Morricone Western refrains they seem so obsessed with at the moment, but beyond this, the track feels utterly flat, depleted of all the swagger and bravado we usually expect as given from Kasabian.

With disappointing chart placings for every single from the album, and this more restrained side of the band on show here and with previous single Goodbye Kiss, there's the very easy temptation to say Kasabian are teetering down the verge to becoming a Radio 2 act. One can only hope that come the next album, they'll storm back with an absolute monster of a track (basically, another Fire).

Man of Simple Pleasures is released on the 7th May.

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