Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Jodie Connor feat. Busta Rhymes - Take You There

Remember Jodie Connor? You know, the one who released pop gem Now Or Never last year, with it's dreamy 'I've always had a crush on you...' chorus refrain. Well, she's back, and her new single Take You There plants her firmly in more aggressive terrain - it's a pumped-up electro anthem that could give Alexandra Burke's Elephant a run for its money in sheer four-to-the-floor swagger.

When we first listened to the track, it sort of passed us by a bit - but then we went back and played it again, and by the fifth listen, it dawned on us how amazing it actually is, especially the 'streets of gold...' bits. It just feels like it's operating on a far bigger scale than anything Jodie has done before, like the adrenaline rush of the 'this is my moment!' mindset is burning at its hottest, ready to shoot her into the Top 10 where Take You There clearly feels like it was recorded to inhabit.

It's markedly different terrain for Jodie, but you get the feeling that considering Now Or Never and follow up Tinchy Stryder collab Bring It only achieved middling chart success, the dancier angle might be a good move for her. After all, it was club-friendly Roll Deep smash Good Times, which Jodie provided the vocals for, that propelled her to Number 1. Considering Busta Rhymes fulfils the guest rapper role on Take You There, it seems like there's a fair bit of momentum behind the track already, so let's hope it pays off.

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