Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Far East Movement feat. Justin Bieber - Live My Life

I never thought I'd be about to express this much love over a product stemming from either Justin Bieber or the Far East Movement, but the truth is, their euro-dance rave-up Live My Life is bloody incredible. As an all out pop smash, it touts a chorus that not only actually makes Bieber's vocals vaguely bearable to listen to, but wraps them around an uplifting club melody of chart shattering proportions. And even the rent-a-rapper feel of the FEM verses are helped by a generous dose of groove-inducing mechanistic bass-licks. As an entity, Live Me Life is sort of like J Lo's On The Floor re-incarnated into the body of a teenage lad, a unadulterated, shot-fuelled locomotive of a thing, powering on through the club door with one mission in sight; to have an insanely enjoyable night out on the tiles. And Live My Life is all that, and more.

Live My Life is released on the 30th April.

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