Friday, 13 April 2012

Alexandra Burke - Let It Go

I think it's fair to say that Alexandra Burke has decided she's usually at her best when banging out immense dance anthems, so, having promptly delivered Elephant into the hands of a nation of eager pop lovers, she's gone and done it again with new single Let It Go. But whereas Elephant fired away like a high-powered nuclear reactor of futuristic electro energy, Let It Go dips into the past - specifically, the 90s, and rides away on a bubbly Show Me Love-esque riff and shades of 2 Unlimited.

The good thing is, Let It Go is rather decent, if a little by-the-numbers - and that trancey chorus bit is DanceAlex in full-tilt. But the trouble is, will this be the track to finally warm the public to Alexandra again in the way Elephant only really half managed? I'm not so sure. There's only so long an artist can coast along in the Top 10 for without the backing and full support of the public and radio, and right now for Alex, this is looking particularly intermittent. We shall see...

Let It Go is released on the 28th May.

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