Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Zebra & Snake - Money In Heaven

For Finnish duo Zebra & Snake, paradise comes imagined in the most opulent of terms; or at least that’s what new single Money In Heaven feels like it’s about. It’s like Blancmange revitalised for a 21st century audience, channelling the glossiest, rosiest of 80s synth trills. Zebra & Snake display a remarkable knack for a pop hook, and Money In Heaven comes boasting many. It’s gloriously outrĂ© in a way only those so evidently in love with the synthesiser could have come up with. And as for Healing Music, the band’s forthcoming debut album – well, we reckon the duo’s smiley pop makes for a fitting remedy to ward off all of life’s little ills.
Money In Heaven is released on the 7th May.

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