Thursday, 22 March 2012

Vince Kidd - Smother Me

Like us, Vince Kidd is 22 and from South London, but he's also an insanely talented singer - one of those people who possess such soul and depth to their voice they make singing seem as natural as breathing. Signed to Sony and hailed as One To Watch by MTV, things seem to be moving swiftly for Kidd who offers a richer, more personal palate of sounds than any of the man-and-a-guitar types out their at the moment.

No, Kidd is far more in the vein of a male version of Lana Del Rey - stylised in a film-noir aesthetic, a rough-punk street-smarts wisdom that's ingrained in the very essence of songs like the rapturous Smother Me. His controversial Sick Love adds a mattering of urban beats into the mix too, a whirlwind of individualism that leaves you dizzy. Kidd's world is an uncompromising one, but when it comes to budding new singer-songwriters, you'd be hard pushed to find many as inventive as him.

A major talent to watch in the coming year, that's for sure.

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