Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Girl - High & Low (StreetDance 2 Mix)

One of the greatest pop injustices of current times is that Sunday Girl (AKA fashion starlet Jade Williams) isn't a properly massive popstar of Jessie J proportions. God knows, she certainly deserves it - for the past few years she's been turning out synth-pop gems of unparallelled magnificence, of which High & Low is simply the latest in an impressively consistent line.

Taken from the Streetdance 2 soundtrack (the movie comes out later this month), one might hope that the fact this has the film tie-in factor pulling for it might help it to the sort of chart success even Sunday Girl's Pixies cover from *those* holiday ads couldn't achieve.

As for the song itself, it chugs along on a Solveig-esque beat; a wistful little pop dittie on the ups and downs of love. It's cheery in a gloriously life-affirming and *that* chorus melody, it's seriously divine. Sometimes, the most simple, true-to-heart pop moments are the most moving, and in its soaring, synth-kissed musings, High & Low is the very definition of that ideology.

High & Low is available to download on iTunes now.

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