Thursday, 22 March 2012

Soulsavers feat. Dave Gahan - Longest Day

Teaming up with production team Soulsavers, Dave Gahan (a bit of a musical legend in our eyes, massive Depeche Mode fans that we are) provides vocals on Longest Day, a real luxurious treat of a track and an appetising teaser for new Soulsavers album The Light The Dead See. Laced with strident piano chords, great sweeping guitar lines and a sort of Elbow-like gospel chorus, it's an uplifting hands raised anthem of a track.

Sonically speaking, it's a very different beast from anything Depeche Mode have ever put out - but with Gahan's stately vocals at the heart of it, it also feels instantly familiar in the way a classic Depeche hook always does. It's haunting in the most beautifully moving of ways, that sort of smoky horizon blur of old memories and unrealised chances that have fallen away into the past. It's all these things, and somehow more... Longest Day is that solitary 'door to take when there's no-where left to run', a gateway to newer pastures, and blissed Elysium.

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