Tuesday, 27 March 2012

SD-Jem - Roll With Me

They’re from North London and they’re called Denis and Shanel – or collectively, ‘SD-Jem’. Yes, it might sound like the name of a TV, but SD-Jem in fact provide a far more tacticle kind of entertainment, by way of fizzy urban-pop party anthem Roll With Me. It’s bleepy, comes with more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle and contains the choice lyric ‘I’ll be blowing all your systems up’ – which we can’t decide if it means something a bit naughty or not. We’re going to go with the naughty option, because we love a good pop euphemism.
With their street-smart boy-girl image, there’s clear flavours of both N-Dubz and Six-D to them, but with a dancier backing. Yes, the obligatory dub-step middle-eight is in there, and ranked against the multitude of other pop tunes currently touting one, Roll With Me actually comes out pretty high.
Supporting Cher Lloyd on her upcoming Sticks + Stones tour, we imagine SD-Jem will soon have all the UK ‘rolling’ with them – and considering the archetypal Cher fan and what sort of stuff we imagine they’re into, we reckon SD-Jem are pretty much the perfect match for the tour.
Roll With Me is released on the 20th May.

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