Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Schiralli - The Clearing

Who are we to resist the charms of a seductive French songstress? Well, actually the rather enchanting Schiralli is from Italy (via dear old Camden), but there's a definite Parisian theme to both new single The Clearing and it's literally revelatory video. Let's just say she's certainly not shy about baring all.

With the smoky retro allure of a Caro Emerald or Rumer, Schiralli throws in a good measure of breathy vocals Kylie would be proud of. The risque video plays out like a classy perfume add, an artistic statement to match the track itself. It all comes off as a remarkably well polished package; indeed, the chorus is properly magical, a smoothly divine slip-stream of seductive pop charisma. It's fair to say we've definitely been won over.

The Clearing is released on the 26th March.

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