Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Saturdays - 30 Days

Anyone that knows us will know that we adore the Saturdays. As such, we've been on the edge of our seat over the last couple of months eager for any miniscule snippet of info about their new single. And now, we've got a first tantalising glimpse of something!

According to website Chokolate TV (one of their dancers is featured in the video for the song), the new Saturdays single is called 30 Days! Throwing some ideas out there, we imagine there'll be lots of time-based metaphors going on in the song, and any track that renders part of its title numerically usually wins points with us (re. Britney's '3').

Some more rumours doing the rounds: Apparently the track's full sobriquet is 30 Days (To Love), which sounds very much like the type of thing you'd expect in a big Saturdays chorus. The track is also apparently pencilled in for a 29th April release date, and the fact the video has dancers seems to suggest it'll be rather dancey, which is good with us.

Or maybe it's self-referential and 30 Days is in fact 30 Satur-Days, and the five girls will get multiplied by six via CGI in the video, resulting in, yes, thirty actual Saturday girls!

Perhaps this is all going to amazingly postmodern too and it'll be 30 Days until we get to hear the track - but personally we hope it's earlier!

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