Friday, 16 March 2012

Rupert Stroud - Chasing The Night [Album Review]

It's not often we come across a new singer-songwriter type who really, actively re-affirms our expectations of the genre and raises the calibre of the 'up and comer' to new levels. But Leeds chap Rupert Stroud is all about reaffirming the best parts of British songwriting for his own designs. With a voice and tracks that recall Richard Ascroft or pre-fame Coldplay, Stroud's album is a dark, smoky realm of lushly produced acoustic confidence. Where others of his ilk might be content to consume themselves in hazy, insubstantial ditties of whimsical affection, Stroud's record plays with real bulk and presence to it. You don't just hear these songs, but feel them too - the whole thing is brilliantly consistent for a debut too and marks Stroud out as a real talent to watch for the future. If anything, one can breath a sigh of relief that here at least, the art of the songwriter still beats with real life-giving intensity.

Download: Heard It All Before / Chasing The Night / Waiting For Me To Break

Chasing The Night is released on the 21st May.

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