Thursday, 8 March 2012

Robin Thicke – Love After War

After impossibly smooth sexo-ballad Lost Without U, American R&B chap Robin Thicke very much seemed to disappear without trace from mainstream UK airwaves and awareness. His 2009 album Sex Therapy failed to chart over here, but with the slick, tropical rhythms of Love After War, you’d hope he’d be able to redress the balance. The breathy sensuality of Lost Without U is still present but now dialled down to less overpowering levels, instead offering a breezy, acoustic session that deals of hand of genuine charm and sweetly dressed-up manners. There might be a slight whiff of cruise ship bossa nova at times, but Love After War – from Thicke’s new album of the same name - is largely better than that, as is jazzy standout cut Pretty Little Heart.
Love After War is released on the 2nd April.

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