Monday, 19 March 2012

Rhesus - Liar

Charged up guitar crunching power tunes from West Midlands band Rhesus here, with new single Liar coming on like a fused union between The Kooks and The Enemy. Riding in on a wave of DIY ethic and carefully garnered together funds from a battle of the bands-style competition on, Rhesus represent something of a second coming for the good old British guitar group sound which seems to have been brushed a little under the carpet of late. It's as if they've filched together a little of that gritty sparkle that fired so many young lads a few years ago and patched it straight into their amps. Indeed, If there was a tune that sounded like the beginnings of a sea change though, it's Liar - from the foreboding, feedback-strewn into to the meaty chords of the song's heart, it really rings true as an up-and-comer's resume should.

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