Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pulled Apart By Horses - Wolf Hand

Wolf Hand feels like a violent track - from the blood red cover of its parent Tough Love album (their sophomore effort) to the shouted intensity of the vocals - like nails hammered into splintering wood - it's got all the ferocity of a twenty man street bust-up. The brawling, bruised frenetics even seep into the lyrics: 'When I was a kid I was a dick, but nothing changes' - it's almost as if its vocalising all the frustrations of the riots and the core ethos at the heart of every disaffected teenager. It's channelling all that into a track that bristles with antagonism, and remarkably, transforming it into a storming rock pumper of a tune; albeit one that gets up in your face with its unashamed roughness. The guitars collide with a punchy weight to them that feels genuinely thrilling, and by the time the solo kicks in two minutes into the song, it's like you've been tied to the back of a car and dragged along behind it. The impetus and drive of Wolf Hand is everything, never letting up, never relenting - and it's there that Pulled Apart By Horses properly excel.

Wolf Hand is released on the 16th April.

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