Sunday, 18 March 2012

Preeya Kalidas - Love Between Us

The thing with Preeya Kalidas is that there always seems to be that stigma of 'Oh she's an actress doing singing' hanging over her head. But if we're to be fair, there's also the feeling that her music should be judged for its own merits, and not within the overarching aspects of Kalidas as celebrity-figure or 'her off of Eastenders'.

And as far as the music goes, new single Love Between Us is a dizzying mix-up between sultry R&B slow-jam and heady Bollywood club-groove. In its best moments it thumps with a throbbing live-wire energy that speaks of un-ending nights of pleasure and dance, a calling together of shared enjoyment. But within this comes an air of anonymity - that this could be anyone taking the vocal line, any fresh-faced club diva. Personality is diffused and what remains is largely faceless - a shame really, as you get the sense that Kalidas does, somewhere, have that one big pop smash in her, yet to surface.

Love Between Us is scheduled for an April release date.

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