Tuesday, 27 March 2012

[Official Video] Beatrice Eli - The Conqueror

We reviewed Beatrice Eli's glacial synth anthem The Conqueror back in November last year and now it's got a video to go with it - and quite frankly, we want to dive right into it in much the same way we want to wrap ourselves up in the song and never emerge.

With its snow-flecked depiction of the endless urban sprawl of tower-blocks and uniform concrete, the video paints a wild, almost untamed world of the council flat recast as fantasy landscape, which all seems very much in keeping with the twinkling, effervescent mood of the song itself.

It's that chorus - just one of those unashamed 'YES' moments where a pop song crystalises into something, which for a few seconds, is all that matters. For just that snatch of a moment, we're caught in that limbo with The Conqueror, and it's heavenly.

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