Wednesday, 28 March 2012

MONSTA - Holdin On

Imagine a toss-up between classic soulful vocals and weighty, synth-tastic dub-step backing. Well, Holdin On is pretty much that epitomised, and marks a powerful debut for MONSTA (because their sound is just so big, it does quite lend itself to an all capitals sobriquet).

With the combined forces of production duo Pegasus and vocalist Bryn Christopher on board, the result is a heady concoction of retro Marvin Gaye-esque vocal lines bolted on to a bedrock of beats so tempestuous they threaten to combust. It's like Cee Lo Green if he took E and headed downtown for a right proper rave-up, and Holdin On wisely ends up as both all-out club smash and well-rounded radio hit. It's got that slickness and cleverly executed sensibility, the immediate wildness crossed with mainstream allure and a scope that feels much larger than most debut dance tracks. We've seen Chase & Status break the market for this kind of stuff wide open, and with Holdin On, MONSTA have shaped themselves up nicely to follow in their footsteps.

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