Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lightships - Sweetness In Her Spark

You don't often get tuneful little guitar dities as beautiful as Sweetness In Her Spark these days. There's something in the song's hazy, tender picking over of blissed-out summer days that seems to recall some distant non-place in the mid 90s world of Brit-pop and positive ambition. It's an encapsulating of the best of the past, provided again, just for a moment, to allow us to escape from the hectic now.

Coming from Gerard Love's Lightships project, it makes for a life-affirming debut single, an elegant calling card that slips in nicely next to the likes of The Phoenix Foundation in terms of general jangly, chilled ambiance. It's music to fall back into the grass and unwind to - to give every part of yourself away to the wind and the sun, to dissolve into happiness.

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