Thursday, 29 March 2012

Karin Park - Highwire Poetry

They're calling her the electro-goth princess, and Sweden's Karin Park certainly has the allure of royalty to her, albeit in a deliciously outre, icy Bjork-esque way. Imagine a much grittier, dirtier version of Robyn, where the electronics throb with a brute-cut intensity. Synth-lines slap across fractured beats, frothing with barely contained energy, with Park's vocals sensuously trailed over all the while. Taster track Fryngies (from her upcoming album Highwire Poetry) plays out as if from the bowels of some darkly hidden club recessed away in the underbelly of some imagined cyber-punk city. Tiger Dreams takes a more systematic approach, injecting itself with burbling 8-bit bleeps and hissing, sibilant bass. It's haunting stuff, like the grip of skeletal fingers closing on a pumping heart, the lifeblood chilling away in the veins. Park's music is all this, all the macabre and theatricality of the gothic princess, but aligned to the all the possibilities of the quirky electro-songstress.

Highwire Poetry is released on the 28th May.

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