Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kamaliya - Arryhthmia

Arryhthmia is apparently the technical term for abnormal amounts of electrical activity in the heart - and that's a fair summary of the way we feel after listening to the latest single from Russian temptress Kamaliya. We covered her previous track Crazy In My Heart last year and Arryhthmia goes in riding on that same wave of high-powered Europop energy via a suitably glamorous video where Kamaliya slips into a plethora of  revealing outfits.

At its heart, Arryhthmia  is a darkly ambient, seductive trance banger - the sort of thing that the most amazing hours of a night out on the tiles play out to while copious amounts of vodka are necked down in time to the pulsing neon lights above.

It's just the right blend of soft, teasing sensuality and electric-edged Euro-Epic. We're hooked... are you?

Arryhthmia is released on the 29th April.

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