Monday, 26 March 2012

Jessie J - Laser Light

There's two ways to approach new Jessie J single Laser Light. On one hand, it's nice - as with Domino - to see her doing proper up-tempo pure pop again, but equally, Laser Light - as a David Guetta production - just ends up feeling like a poor man's version of Titanium. And whereas that song felt like a truly uplifting bit of anthemic club revelry, Laser Light feels like a tired going through the motions of contemporary dance tropes. Jessie, who you can normally count on to really stand out as the 'star' at the heart of the track, here feels utterly secondary, slipping away into the backdrop.

But then again, when you're appearing on prime-time telly every weekend (Oh hai, the Voice!), you've got part of your promo plan sorted already, with an ease most artists would kill for. And in that respect, Laser Light, in all its faceless commerciality, fits in rather well indeed.

Laser Light is released on the 13th May.

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