Thursday, 1 March 2012

James Morrison – One Life

James Morrison’s The Awakening, released towards the tail end of last year, felt like a pale shadow of his former self and the general consensus amongst the reviews was that it was an extremely poor effort. The Independent blasted it with a paltry 1-star. Even the shoehorned-in ‘let’s get together with the star of the year’ collab with Jessie J couldn’t redeem the LP.
It’s a pity, because new single One Life is actually half decent. Sure, it’s no masterpiece, and neither is it a return to the big, powerful balladry Morrison made his early crust on - but it shows he’s still capable of penning a strong chorus. Soulful, stoic, One Life kindles that little glimmer of hope that there’s still another great album tucked away there somewhere – it’s just not ready to unveil itself quite yet.
One Life is released on the 26th March.

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