Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Jake Morley - Sideline

With a sold-out headline show at the Jazz Cafe under his belt and Radio 2 lapping him up, Jake Morley must be feeling pretty content right now, and if anything, new single Sideline is the affirmation of that contentment. Beautifully relaxed and confident in its brush-stroke touches of fingerpicked guitar and slow washes of strings, it glows with a warmth that's more than a match for the summer rays. Touring across the UK in May, Morley's assured soulfulness sets him a cut above the chaff, with Sideline brimming with the simple quality that comes from a man totally at one with his instrument and talent. Morley makes for a perfect new addition to anyone who's already exhausted their Ben Howard or Benjamin Francis Leftwich albums, and in its best moments, Sideline finds itself ushering in summer with delicate, tender poise.

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