Thursday, 22 March 2012

Introducing... Emin

As Eurovision fever starts hotting up for another year of thrills and spills, let us introduce likeable Azerbaijani chap Emin. There's a video of him below chatting about recording his album and he comes off as very charming, well mannered and into his music. All positive points for an aspiring solo star, and his music's pretty decent too.

Coming across like a sort of toss up between Enrique Iglesias, The Wanted and Ronan Keating, Emin's music touches a lot of bases but resolutely falls in the firm boundaries of big radio-pleasing pop anthems - whether it be the beautiful piano ballad Dead Roses or synthed-up number Never Enough. Our personal favourite is Walk Through Walls though, which goes for a slightly rockier sound.

The clips in the album teaser vid sound promising, so we'll definitely be looking forward to his interval performance during all the fun and games of this year's big Eurovision show.

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