Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Garbage - Battle In Me

We’re going to go and say it, Battle In Me sounds even better than Blood For Poppies. If the latter was the appetiser for Garbage’s long awaited new album, then Battle In Me is the fully fledged starter course, with a heap-load of trimmings. It roughens up the Garbage formula with icy guitar lines and those glitchy electronics – in a way, it’s like they’ve never really been away. There’s something timeless to Battle In Me that feels like the glory days of the band re-cast all over again. As always, the overall production quality is absolutely top-notch – everything colluding nicely into a slipstream of sonic pleasure; in this instance a racey, punked-up tour-de-force that hits with the heft of a boxer and the precision of a trained sniper. It might not be the cleverest or most adventurous Garbage track, but in terms of un-fettered enjoyment and ‘Thank God they’re back!’ factor, Battle In Me hits all the right buttons.
Battle In Me is released on the 7th May.

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