Saturday, 10 March 2012

Foster The People – Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)

For all their dominance of the American charts, Foster The People don’t appear to have translated so well to the UK market, with not much to note beyond top 20 placings for their debut album and the masterful Pumped Up Kicks. New single Don’t Stop doesn’t exactly sound like the record to change that either – it eschews the dancier rhythms of the group’s previous singles for a more choppy fey rock vibe. Hastily strummed guitar parts mesh with trailing, quirked-out vocals for a record that is as weird as it eclectic. In its best moments, like the shimmery, psychedelic mid-track solo, Don’t Stop works well, but for the most part it feels like a inferior creation when put up against the slickness of the band’s big hitters.
Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) is released on the 23rd April.

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