Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Flux Pavilion feat. Example - Daydreamer

Of all the bass-toting dance acts awash in the charts at the moment, Flux Pavilion win points from the off for the sheer bonkers-ness of their name. It's got that sense of the grandstand ego, prepped and ready to obliterate dancefloors across the nation. In that sense then, Example makes for the perfect fit for new single Daydreamer and its accompanying slipstream of hi-energy laser synths. The track literally ripples like a livewire current of electricity, and while it's far from being Example's greatest moment (it doesn't hold a patch on Stay Awake), he certainly adds a certain bravado-laden swagger to the track. When the beat drops post-middle-eight, Daydreamer ends up sounding like Super Mario on crack, blippiness exploding outwards in an infusion of 8-bit madness. It's not clean, and it's not clever, but Daydreamer's sheer scale can't be faulted.

Daydreamer is released on the 30th April.

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