Sunday, 11 March 2012

Florence + The Machine - Spectrum

Can we start calling Florence Welch a national treasure yet? If ever an album could be said to have elevated its progenitor to such immense levels of public adoration (Adele aside), then Florence + The Machine’s rapturously received Ceremonials is it. New single Spectrum’s charm is that it combines the belting tour-de-force vocals you’d expect from dear Florence as global pop superstar with a more animalistic rawness that characterised her debut album Lungs. When Florence sends out that blasting, wind-shearing cry of ‘Say my name!’ over a backing of cherub-plucked harps, you know that all eyes are on her, an angelic figure of baroque quasi-renaissance allure. So, whether it be in its five minute album version glory or as a showcase piece on US X Factor, Spectrum is classic Florence, set to dazzle and awe in abundant degrees of magnificence.
Spectrum is scheduled for a June release.

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