Sunday, 11 March 2012

Emeli Sande – My Kind of Love

I’ve said much of my levels of disappointment that Emeli Sande’s debut album never capitalised on the quality of its preceding singles Heaven and Daddy, instead offering a collection of minimal ballads. Emeli Sande, as a star, is fascinating, brilliant, charming. But the album felt half-formed. Of the blurry panoply of down-tempo numbers that filled the record though, My Kind of Love was without doubt one of the better ones, and its choice as Emeli’s next single is as obvious as a full moon on a dark night. It’s a haunting Alicia Keys-styled spooko-ballad full of whispery piano chords and Emeli’s vocals are afforded the space to show off their full range. It’s the very essence of a made-for-radio single in a post-Adele world, and while My Kind of Love possesses none of the dynamism of Heaven, it’s a reassuring foundation stone for Emeli as an artist. Because say what you want, the girl is an incredible talent.

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