Friday, 30 March 2012

Dragonette - Let It Go

Since Dragonette featured on Martin Solveig smash Hello, there's been the overarching sense that now, on their upcoming third album, they'll finally be able to achieve the proper mainstream success they've so blatantly been deserving of since they kicked things off with 2007's Galore.

We pop fans have known about them for ages, but as far as 'Hi, we're Dragonette!' introductory type tracks go, new single Let It Go is spot on. It leaps from fuzzy synth lines to whipcrack beats with all the enthusiasm and carefree exuberance that powered the Solveig collab and is peppered with just the right amount of quirkiness to keep the casual listener fascinated. It's that radio record that screams with the potential to skyrocket the group into previously uncharted levels of adoration - a gateway into a new summer of love where Let It Go blares from every speaker and car stereo.

In a post-Cinderella's Eyes world, Let It Go is a frothy, perked-up gem to compliment the carefully collated iPod playlist of any true pop aficionado.

Let It Go is released on the 2nd April.

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